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Meraki - Soul, Creativity and Love

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

When I first came across the word 'Meraki', it's Greek meaning really struck a cord with me. I felt that I could now describe, in just one word, the essence of my working practice.

Meraki: A task done with soul, creativity and love. The essence of yourself in your work.

I first started my business as Love Heart Lane, in 2015 when my youngest child started school. Starting out as a stay at home mum, who had lost a sense of herself, was hard going in the early days. In embarking on this new journey and business venture, I gave it my all and developed my knowledge and sense of self. I realised that this was only occurring due to me putting all of 'me' into it... working with meraki.

So in 2017, I decided to re-brand, changing my business name to Natalie Gaynor Designs. I felt my customer wanted and needed to see the person behind the stitchy creations. I felt I owed my business and customers a 'face' and more knowledge of the person who was creating for you. I wanted to show you just how I work with meraki in every piece that I make.

My love of embroidery has inspired me to share what I know with others. This year I have produced my Hand Embroidery kits, Sunshine and Love and in addition I have started running Hand Embroidery Workshops.


        Love kit       Sunshine Kit


During my workshops I get to share my love of hand embroidery and teach others the skills and techniques to create their own pieces. Seeing finished projects created by my attendees, has confirmed for me, that working with meraki, is infectious! Others see your passion, your love for the tasks you complete and it is catching. 

    Create Your Own Workshop                    Beginners Embroidery


For my August piece of the month, I have created this beautiful 6" piece. Hand stitched in a simplistic colour palette, boasting delicate botanicals and the wonderful meaning of... meraki

Just one readily available to buy... click here - Meraki



Hugs and stitches,





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