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176 Days

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

176 Days:

Since my nerves felt calm, my nights weren’t restless, my house was quiet, my mind was clear, my routine was steady… since my babies were in school!

Today is the day my children returned to school and we have spent weeks buying, washing and sorting uniforms, new shoes, coats and lunchboxes. We have also had the reassuring chat about returning to school during the ongoing Covid-19 saga and how school will be slightly different than before but we are all working together to return safely. We have talked about how exciting it will be to see friends and learn in the classroom again. To meet their new teachers and settle into a new school year with new topics and a new classroom to navigate around. 

The drop off today was smooth, there were nerves and tears and I stayed calm, encouraging and upbeat as I waved them off at the school gate. 

cost coffee

Now as I sit having my first Costa coffee after the first the long awaited school run, I realise that I didn’t quite prepare myself for the return to school and the emotions I would have. I’m sure we as parents, have all at some point, counted down the days until the children return to school. None more so on the days that we mutter, “FFS” under our breath at the 1 millionth request for another snack or sibling bicker fest. Life has been HARD, we have become more than just parents during this global pandemic. We have been parents, teachers, dinnerladies, referees, counsellors, disciplinarians, workers, small business owners, fraught and tired versions of our former selves. We need to get back to ‘normal’, I am not professing to be Mary Poppins or the nanny from The Sound of Music, what was she called? I forget. 

Anyway, I thought I'd ramble into a blog, just how I feel this morning, on the day my children returned to school. I miss them already!

Anyway, there is stitching to do, let’s get cracking!

Love and Stitches

Natalie xxx

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  • Hi Nat, perfectly normal, I’d say, to have nerves all round. I’m supposing the teachers felt it too. They’ll be just fine after a couple of days, as will you.
    Much love to all

    Andrea BLamire on

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