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Crafting, Community and Connection

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

Crafting, Community and Connection

Whilst the world has continued to turn throughout the worldwide pandemic, we have drastically changed our lives over the past two years to enable us to ride the wave. But now, with repeated lock downs and social distancing being lifted, so many of us are craving the community and connection we had.

How many of us can say that we regularly take the time that we need for ourselves to nurture our own well-being? Do you have a regular mindful practice? Do you meet with friends? Do you feel a part of a supportive community? We all know that the past two years have limited our social interactions and community groups, which in turn can affect our happiness. 

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Crafting, Community and Connection are three elements of my weekly hand embroidery workshop that I embrace and encourage you to do too.

lets root for each other and watch each other grow

I believe that all three elements are good for the soul. Throughout the past two years, and even before this time, I have been keeping my hands busy crafting. Keeping my hands busy in a soothing, methodical embroidery haze and calling upon others to do the same. Whilst listening to the pop and pull of the thread working to create something beautiful on my chosen canvas... It's my down time and soulful pleasure. 

During the weekly workshops, you will work on your own Weekly Class Community Kit. Each week you will be tutored by me, Natalie Gaynor, whilst you learn new stitches and hand embroidery techniques in a small social group. The embroidery design will sit within an 8" hoop, and boast a variety of stitches; the finished piece will represent a beautiful textured landscape.

            transcend Studio workshop space       

hand embroidery kit for 6 week communtiy workshop

As a small embroidery community it will be a much looked forward to weekly event where you will enjoy coming together; connecting with a mutual theme in a small group with a community feel. The weekly meetings will take place at the top rated Transcend Studios: Well-being Centre. In this beautiful, calming setting we will sit together and enjoy the mindfulness practice of hand embroidery whilst we create.

we dont have to do it alone we were never meant to be

To join my 6 week community workshop, simply click the link here



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