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The Embroidery Circle

Join my Embroidery Circleyour way

With a variety of membership options to choose from, you will be sure to receive the perfect amount of embroidery goodness that’s right for you.

The Natalie Gaynor Designs Embroidery Circle will offer you the chance to become a member of my online community; offering an inclusive community for all who have a shared interest in hand embroidery, being in the know on what goes on behind the scenes, supporting my small business and being creative.

The Embroidery Circle will feature behind the scenes from my life as a Natalie; mum, wife, friend, maker and business owner. You will have access to exclusive content... yes, that's a mixture of early access to sales, discounts plus scoops and blogs just for you! Downloadable embroidery patterns will be shared into the embroidery circle with those that wish to receive them and much, much more!

The Natalie Gaynor Designs Embroidery Circle will be RE-open to new members on 1st March - 7th March 2024 and each tier has limited number of spaces.

Be sure to click the link below and follow me on Ko-fi where I will host, grow and nurture my Embroidery Circle.

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I’m looking forward to welcoming you into my circle ⭕️ 

Love and Stitches, 

Natalie xox