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Autumn Has Arrived

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

Autumn Has Arrived

It seems like it was just yesterday that the sun was beating down on my back, covering me in what felt like a blanket that smelt of wild flowers and cut grass. I can take myself right back to that memory, it was a picnic at the park with my husband, children and my inlaws. The children are climbing trees and there is a conversation taking place about the pesto and cheddar cheese rolls; they are only from the local supermarket, along with the rest of the rapidly put together picnic, but they taste so good. The children are giggling and collecting sticks to make a den. After a long spell of isolation due to covid-19, we are finally spending time out of the house and with grandparents. All is well, life as we know it has changed but it is all good because the sun is shining and we are together again.


I feel fortunate that lockdown happened in Summer! I am sad that lockdown happened at all but if it had to happen, I would prefer it to be in Summer; this season is my favourite and i’ll tell you why. The days are longer, the sun shines and creates an enveloping warmth, the gardens bloom and the smells, ohhh the summer smells! Hot pavements, cut grass, icecreams, freshly dried washing that has been hung on the washing line. There are so many beautiful smells. 

autumn leaves

Every year as my favourite season slips away, I try to look forward to the new season. This year I have seen Autumn in a whole new light. Maybe it is a new mindset of appreciating every day and welcoming change that I have no control over. The colours that autumn brings to the world around us are a celebration of change. The deep reds, yellows, oranges and browns are everywhere; it is a feast for the eyes. I have a new appreciation for the colder crisp mornings as they are fresh and new. The darker nights offer the invitation to sit and reflect with family, to have calm and reflective time after our days apart which follow months and months together. Foods in the shops have changed too; here are pumpkins and squash, potatoes and green vegetables that bring colour and new possibilities to the food we create and consume to keep our bodies well and fuelled. 

autumn day by the lake

Not only is autumn bringing physical change but also emotional changes for me too. At one time I would have grumbled at the shorter days and colder nights. But right now I appreciate the longer and cooler evenings and I look forward to cosying up on my sofa and welcoming the time to relax. This year has taught me to take time out for me and my self care time helps to keep my mind relaxed and calm. My perfect autumn evening will be spent with a hand embroidery project sat under a snuggly blanket and podcast on whilst I relax to the repetitive pull of the thread. The popping sound the needle makes as it creates a new stitch is enough to calm the mind and soul. 

I get a lovely warm, fuzzy feeling to know that others are spending their evenings in the same way. Taking time for self care and mindful activity is tonic for the soul.  If you have never embroidered before and are thinking of giving it a try or even want to join me and further your embroidery journey you will be excited to know that I  have used my new found love of autumn to collate a limited edition Autumn Hand Embroidery Start Up Kit.   (click here)

The autumn kit contains all you need to start or continue your embroidery journey with help from me; I will be there to guide you along the way! You see, not only do you receive materials and equipment, you also get an exclusive link to my Facebook Group Needle and Natter. With 7 months of previous templates and tutorials saved, plus NEW autumnal templates dropping this month 😃, there are lots of added extras to and nurture your new hobby, which will see you through the cosy evenings to come.

The Needle and Natter community is a lovely space for conversation and to learn from others as well as share your beautiful creations. Simply search the group Natalie Gaynor Designs – Needle and Natter, on Facebook and answer the questions as of you when you request to join.In addition to the materials and equipment you receive within your physical kit, you will be given access to my Facebook group, ‘Natalie Gaynor Designs – Needle and Natter’.  In the group I add videos and pictures that contain helpful hints and tips on getting you started on Hand Embroidery, regular stitch videos to show you new stitches and designs to try out, exclusive offers on newly released kits and information on upcoming workshops within the Manchester area.

Within your kit will be a one time use code that you will use to gain access to the group.

I hope you are looking forward to autumn as much as I am!

Love and stitches, 

Natalie x


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