Autumn Hand Embroidery Start Up Kit -Limited Edition- Hand Embroidery Kit

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🍂🍁🎃Autumn Hand Embroidery Start Up Kit 🍂🍁🎃

It's time to snuggle, drink the pumpkin spiced hot beverages and embrace the colours of the new season with my Limited Edition, Autumn Hand Embroidery Start Up Kit 🎃☕🍂🍁
I love to embroider sat under a blanket, podcast on and relax to the repetitive pull of the thread. The popping sound the needle makes as it creates a new stitch is enough to calm the mind and soul. If you have never embroidered before, why not learn a new skill or refresh the ones you once learnt with my
'Autumn Start Up Kit'  😊🍂

What is inside your Autumn Start Up Kit?

In addition to an introduction booklet with two simple beginners stitches, beginners stitching tips and hoop finishing guide you will also receive:
  • 6" and 4" Hand Embroidery Hoops
  • 8x pieces of Autumnal coloured inspired Cotton and Polycotton fabric
  • 8x pieces Medium weight stabiliser 
  • 8x – Autumn Coloured, Colourfast embroidery skeins
  • 8x Card embroidery bobbins
  • Full pack of hand embroidery needles *Please take care when handling, your needles are sharp.
  • Snips *Please take care when handling, your snips are sharp.
  • Pencil
  • Heat transfer pen
  • 1x - 6" and 4" Circular backing card
  • Craft glue and glue spreader 
  • Black and white string
  • Printed 6” and 4” circular template sheets for design work
I will be there to guide you along the way; you see, you don't just receive all the materials and equipment you need to start you embroidery journey, you also get an exclusive link to my Facebook Group Needle and Natter. With 7 months of previous templates and tutorials saved, plus NEW autumnal templates dropping this month 😃, there are lots of added extras to and nurture your new hobby, which will see you through the cosy evenings to come.
The Needle and Natter community is a lovely space for conversation and to learn from others as well as share your beautiful creations. Simply search the group Natalie Gaynor Designs – Needle and Natter, on Facebook and answer the questions as of you when you request to join.In addition to the materials and equipment you receive within your physical kit, you will be given access to my Facebook group, ‘Natalie Gaynor Designs – Needle and Natter’.  In the group I add videos and pictures that contain helpful hints and tips on getting you started on Hand Embroidery, regular stitch videos to show you new stitches and designs to try out, exclusive offers on newly released kits and information on upcoming workshops within the Manchester area.


Within your kit will be a one time use code that you will use to gain access to the group.

* a limited number of my Autumn Hand Embroidery Start Up Kit on my Website and Etsy store now.
(Rainbow colours are still available to buy)


If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at