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A Little Bit of Me

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

Blog attempt no.2!

Those of you who saw my Instagram stories over the weekend will know that I took myself off to my local coffee shop to write up a new blog post for you and then I accidentally deleted it! An hours work gone in the click of a button. At that point, being ever so slightly miffed, I admit to cursing. “Mother of God”, I said through gritted teeth... (thanks to Ted Hastings of Line of Duty for the taught expletives). I refrained from throwing my tablet across Costa; as I said, it's my local and I never want to get barred.

Sunday's blogTuesday's blog

So here I am, Tuesday morning, sat in yet another coffee shop trying to recall what I initially wrote. Now I’ll be honest, my memory is a bit hit and miss sometimes. In fact, I’m the person who often forgets the reason why they got themselves out of their comfy stitching spot and have found themselves in search of something all the way upstairs but have no idea what they are now looking for.

Anyway, I digress, let me get this blog post started.

I wanted to talk about, ‘The face behind a small business’. I  asked the question within my Instagram stories, “Would you expect me to be the person behind the feed?" and I got a real mix bag of replies. In fact, the answer was split 50/50, with 50% of people expecting the real me and the other 50% expecting quite the opposite.

I got an amazing response in my messages and your replies gave me much food for thought. I also asked as a follow up, “Would you like to see more of me within my feed?” In asking this, I did not just mean my face but an injection of my personality, tutorials, snippets of my business and an incredible 97% replied with yes and the remaining 3%, well I blocked them haha. Now that may sound harsh but the realisation is, if you want to see pretty embroidery you can find it in masses on Pinterest but if you are following me, I feel there has to be a reason why you are here, being present and supporting me and my small business. I want to strike up conversation with you, interact with you and I want you to know who you are investing in, be that through your valuable time on the socials, at workshops or purchasing commissions and kits. I really feel I owe you that!

So, here's to being a more open book with you all, sharing my working progress, my face every now and again and the stories behind me work.


This is Me

Hugs and stiitches, 


Natalie xox


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