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Making Memories ~ Treasured Keepsakes

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

Although the global pandemic has brought us many restrictions, it has also brought us the ability to grow within our current situation. My children and many others have grown at the time of great change and huge restrictions. 

Memories have been made and we have recorded them, not just with modern day processes such as photographs and videos but through getting creative with drawing and art. So many memories have been made and missed by grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and cousins but we have found calm through recording our memories with the art of drawing.

kids drawing keepsake art

Recording a moment through the eyes of a child is just magical! We all love to look back on children's drawings, hey, maybe we are lucky enough to be able to look back on pictures that we created as children. My grandma has kept so many pieces of our artwork, stored amongst the pages of a multitude of scrap books, further stored in boxes to keep them safe. My Grandma will proudly open the boxes and show us the drawings, taking us back though memories they hold and re-telling the story behind the marks made by our tiny hands. I love to show my children these treasured keepsakes so loving stored by my grandma.


grandma and grandad keepsake

My love of creating children's keepsakes in forever stitches comes from the nostalgic feeling of revisiting memories with my Gran. Many pieces have not lasted over time; the pages tear easily, losing parts of their tale as they are handled by the next generation and the one of that. The memories are packed away like precious treasure and are forgotten about until the next time we decide to take that trip back down memory lane.

                 Childrens art little mermaid 

  my family artwork keepsake portrait  family portrait keepsake embroidered

And so I decided to hand embroider many of my children's drawings  as forever memories of a moment in time... They hang proudly in our home and conversations are had regularly about 'the time, the situation, the way I used to draw'.

       childs drawing    kids drawing little artist family portait

Over the past four years I have been commissioned to create hand embroidered keepsakes for many families, grandparents and family members. These keepsakes have been gifted and loving received by so many who now have them on display in their homes.

     star wars drawing, jabba the hutt       teacher gift, thank you      

I work with my customers to recreate these beautiful keepsakes; lovingly and carefully recreating every mark made by your little artist with needle and thread. I am forever grateful that I can use my skill to create these keepsakes for you!

To turn your art into a hand embroidered keepsake

          family portrait drawing kids art      embroidered keepsake



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