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Can crafting help to heal your mind?

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

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Can crafting help to heal your mind?

According to research the answer is YES!

Scientific studies have found that participating in art-based activities enhances well-being and quality of life. Further studies have found that textile crafts, such as sewing, embroidery, knitting and crochet, have the highest participation rates of all the arts and that taking part in sewing as a leisure activity contributed to psychological well-being as it increases enjoyment and pride plus self-awareness.

One study found that engaging in social activities withing the arts can lead to positives outcomes such as relating to others in the way in which they learn and opening oneself up to the possibility of new futures and enhances a positive outlook.

Art is fast becoming a prescriber for mental health and Art on Prescription Workshops show an overall increase in well-being, reducing nerves stress and anxiety.

I have always found the meditative actions of hand embroidery have provided myself and others in my workshops a healthy distraction from other life stresses. Leading to us embarking on a mindful practice and staying in the present moment awakening the part of the brain known as the Cortex, which regulates emotions and therefore lessening activity in the amygdala; the part of the brain in which we process negative and fearful emotions.


What is my advice for you?

My advice would be to start crafting! why not join me in November, December and January at my hand embroidery drop-in sessions. Simply bring your current project or visit my website where I have a wide range of hand embroidery kits to choose from.

The social side of crafting with others is a true mood booster. My community classes have been testament to the power of community connection. My 6-week Hand Embroidery Community Workshops start again in February 2023 with brand new kits for each. Places will be limited so get booked in now.



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