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Phoenix Printed Hand Embroidery Panel

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Designed with a modern take of the ancient mythical bird. Sharp jutting edges with a feminine colour palette to soften the over all design. 

The Phoenix is a strong, solitary powerful bird which represent hope, progress, life change and transformation. The phoenix is most often depicted as a beautiful bird rising upwards from flames and has inspired many tales, poems, and even legends across many cultures. 

This purchase contains the fabric panel and stabiliser. The printed fabric panel will allow you to create a 6" design. Use your own colours and stitches or why not purchase the PDF Download which shows detailed, step by step instructions on how I stitched the original design.



Simply click the link to purchase: Phoenix PDF Pattern to Download


If the PDF file isn't for you and you would rather the full, physical kit containing all the materials you need to get started right away. Simply click the link below to purchase:

Phoenix Hand Embroidery Kit - FULL KIT - Click Here