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Spring Blossom - Hand Embroidery Kit

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Spring Blossom

The blooming of the cherry trees marks the start of spring, a season of awakening and rebirth. It is a time when the earth sheds the remnants of winter’s dormancy and embraces the burgeoning life.

The cherry blossoms serve as a vibrant prologue to this season of renewal, inviting us to pause, to reflect, and to immerse ourselves in the simple yet profound joy of witnessing the earth renew itself.

Their ephemeral beauty, a poignant reminder of the transient nature of life, inspires us to appreciate the moment, to cherish the now before it slips away.

The Cherry Blossom kit packs a punch with a mix of thread painting and 3D stitching. And YES, you can create this and be guided through the project with the full instructions booklet present within the kit.

A real beauty, enjoy!

Hand Embroidery and it's benefits

Hand embroidery can help to focus your mind whilst encouraging relaxation and calm. Embrace your creative by making something beautiful each month and I will be there to guide you within my hand embroidery community, should you feel that being creative is not your natural forte.

Studies have shown that being creative helps to relieve stress, increases happiness, improves memory, and can also increase your concentration. My hope is that hand embroidery becomes the perfect activity for down time and a soulful pleasure for you.

What is inside the Kit

  • A link to a 24 page booklet with hand drawn instructions, reference photos and colour guides
  • Green cotton fabric
  • Fabric stabiliser
  • 6” embroidery hoop
  • Full DMC embroidery skeins
  • A heat erasible pen
  • Embroidery needle
  • A needle threader
  • Bobbins to keep your threads tidy
  • Backing card to finish your hoop art

You will also need...

  • Small scissors or embroidery snips 
  • Ohhh (and tea and biscuits) … *this, of course, is just a suggestion but I find tea and biscuits are necessary when I work*

My work style is inspired by nature around me. Beautiful florals and green botanicals feature heavily as well as Inspirational quotes, chunky textures, and beautiful detail. These are some of the features that are present throughout the all of my designs.

Whatever the design, you will be sure to receive the most wonderful and carefully collated hand embroidery kit, designed and collated by me.


Created and designed by Natalie Gaynor and is copyright to Natalie Gaynor designs

©Copyright 2024 Natalie Gaynor Designs

All patterns and kits are for personal use only, please do not distribute/sell this pattern or finished products made from this kit

WARNING! Not suitable for children due to the inclusion of small and sharp parts. Embroidery needle is included in this kit. Keep out of reach of children. Handle with care!

Colours may vary slightly, computer monitors, tablets and phones can display different colour tones.