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The Power Of Sharing

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

The Power of Sharing

Today something quite wonderful and unexpected happened! I got a lovely impromptu story share from the amazing and wonderful Vickie Neave aka Inpolife. Vickie Neave - Inpolife

Inpolife - Vickie Neave  

Love - Inpolife Vickie Neave

A while ago Vickie purchased one of my hand embroidered hoop art that read, ‘Don’t be a dick’! This is a lighthearted sweary design intended to mix modern bright colours and sweary words with an age-old craft. (I will forever rebel against the old age stereotypes of what an embroidery artist should create).

'Don't be a dick' - Hoop Art

A share may seem like such a small thing, it takes seconds but its impact is great… you see, a share of your work, your course, your content, your business literally introduces you to a whole new audience. A share let’s others know you’re here; you’re creating and that you have something wonderful to offer.

From this simple share, in the 60 minutes after, I made enough in sales to buy my three kiddos their school shoes for September. How AMAZING is that! Buying from a small business not only get’s us doing a happy dance but it keeps us thriving! We can create the art that you love, feed our families and keep that roof over our heads. Never underestimate the power of sharing your favourite businesses. That simple like, share or comment boosts us and our posts like you wouldn’t believe!


Thank you for all your likes, shares, comments, and purchases… I will forever be grateful, and I know all other small businesses will be too!


Love and Stitches,

Nat xxx




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