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Self-Care - How does it really benefit you?

Posted by Natalie Blamire on

This October absolutely floored me, and I racked my brains as to why. I couldn’t understand how suddenly everything felt so overwhelming, I felt like i'd hit a wall and couldn’t get back on track. I sat with my thoughts and feelings and asked myself; “Why do I feel so exhausted and what have I done to care for myself recently?” As I started thinking back, I realised that I had not taken a break, rested, or meditated for a few weeks.

Life had gotten busy, and I’d let my self-care routine slide. I had not set time aside to sit in stillness in any capacity, I’d not picked up a needle and thread and stitched just for the joy of stitching since my Community Classes finished mid-month; I was running on auto pilot for so long, working long hours both days and nights and I was exhausted. So, I decided to book a night’s spa break, it had been a gift for my 40th, last year, but covid got in the way or I was, well, just too busy but now felt the right time. In fact, it was more than the right time it was needed more than I had imagined.

I packed the basics, the usual, clothes, swimwear and of course some hand embroidery and I set off. I sat in the quiet and reset my mind. I lay on my bed and stitched with such contentment and real joy. Every pop and pull of thread brought me closer to a feeling of calm and honestly felty so grateful for my craft, my art, my passion. All that brings us peace, calm and joy needs to be nurtured, invested in, have time spent upon it and we must set time aside for self-care because once you hit that wall, it’s hard to get back to where you were without it.

One of life’s greatest joys for me is knowing how much satisfaction, enjoyment, and relaxation my hand embroidery brings to others. I have reflected on how my business offers strong elements of self-care into your routine.

• Emotional Self Care – activities that help you to connect, process and reflect on a range of emotions. Hand embroidery is a wonderful way to relax your mind and slow the fast pace of life to enable you to process the variety of emotions that we can have.
• Mental Self Care – Any activity that stimulates your mind. A simple kit, practicing a stitch, watching one of my hand embroidery tutorials… all very calming activities and full accessible to all.
• Social Self Care – Activities that deepen connections and nurture relationships with people in your life An element of selfcare that can sometimes fall by the wayside and yet is so important and beneficial to our overall wellbeing. I have learnt this even more so through my hand embroidery workshops. The feedback has been testament to the fulfilment felt by attendees and the closeness of connection through coming together with others.
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My goal is always to bring the best hand embroidery I can to all my customers, I am also a huge advocate of self-care, encouraging you all to take time for yourself, spend some time being creative, emerge yourself into embroidery as I know you will reap the benefits of all it has offer.

You can find all my hand embroidery kits, workshops and ready to buy feel good hand embroidered art via my website www.nataliegaynordesigns.co.uk

Here’s to you, to me and all the stitchery and selfcare we can get our hands on.


Love and stitches,

Nat xox


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