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Crystal Galaxy- focus, mental clarity, problem solving without unclouded emotion with Tigers Eye

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Tigers Eye Galaxy


Tigers Eye is a brown/golden crystal with an unmistakable shine, like the eye of a tiger. Fabulous for growing your confidence and strength and is known as the courage.

A strong grounding stone linked to the root and sacral chakra. Helps to ward off negative energy and in turn helps you to build a safe and strong foundation and find your inner motivation.

This earthy palette inspired galaxy, has been stitched with gold and brown metallic threads, and multi coloured earthy silk thread. The whole design has been designed on the hoop, allowing the design to be created with flow. The Tigers Eye stones have been mindfully placed centrally within the art piece as confidence, strength and courage are build from within. The golden and shimmering threads radiate outwards, just as positive energy does when we continue to work on our inner self. 

All galaxy hoops will be created as a one off design, making each one unique.