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Snowdrops 6" Art - Ready to buy Art

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This beautiful piece of embroidered art is the original art piece from the kit "Snowdrops",  hand embroidered by me. I wanted to give all of my customers, who don't embroider, the chance to own a piece of my art made from my much loved kits. This is the perfect piece of art to add to your gallery wall, on a bookshelf next to your favourite books

Snowdrops; stitched on soft blue fabric. Three snowdrops are stitched in a 3D affect in crisp white thread with sparkly silver details added. The piece has been finished with shiny Designed with New Beginnings in Mind. Snowdrops are delicate yet hardy; their ability to flourish after the cold winter months inspire people to keep going and to not give up. A welcome bloom of hope, rebirth and new life as we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome in 2024. sequins and beads.

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*Colours may vary slightly, computer monitors, tablets and phones can display different colour tones.