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"PETTY BITCH" - Badge - Hand Embroidered Wearable

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Fun wearable art encased in a mauve, scalloped edge laser cut acrylic badge with wooden backing and badge pin. The text has been hand embroidered with black DMC thread on on a floral retro print fabric. 

Text reads "PETTY BITCH". Do you always need to be right or have the upper hand? Do you make your point until the bitter end? We all want to be a winner but for some, it's at any means necessary hahaha are you a Petty Bitch? If so, this badge is for you!

Perfect pinned on your favourite jacket, shirt or even bag... 

Each hand embroidered badge or necklace is designed on the hoop, making each one unique.

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Please note this is not a toy and should not be left within reach of young children and babies due to small and sharp parts.