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Blossom 6" Art - Ready to buy Art

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This beautiful piece of embroidered art is the original art piece from the kit "Blossom",  hand embroidered by me. I wanted to give all of my customers, who don't embroider, the chance to own a piece of my art made from my much loved kits. This is the perfect piece of art to add to your gallery wall, on a bookshelf next to your favourite books

"The trees stood closely together and the branches hung low; thick and heavy with the weight of the powder pink blossom that adorned them. On the days when the spring breeze blew a little stronger, the branches would sway and the pompom like blooms would lose some of their delicate pink petals. The petals would fall like confetti and coat the grey pebbled path in a soft pink carpet. The memories of walking through that magical pink and grey woodland, have inspired 'Blossom'."


Blossom; a floral burst of spring flowers, stitched on crisp white cotton fabric 

Just TWO available to buy!

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*Colours may vary slightly, computer monitors, tablets and phones can display different colour tones.