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"Robin's appear when loved ones are near"

Christmas can be a wonderful and at the same time  difficult time of the year, especially when we miss our lost loved ones.

The sheer sight of a Robin crossing our path or repeatwd visits from robins in our gardens is said to be a sign from our loved ones, letting us know that all is well.

So this Christmas, to honor lost loved ones, I have embellished mini embroidery hoops to hang on your Christmas tree. Made with a beautiful, 100% cotton, Robin print fabric I have added a hand embroidered a love heart to each one and carefully placed sparkly embellishments, that will see these sweet decorations twinkle in the light of out Christmas trees this festive season. Complete with tiny jingly bells and coordinating hanging string, it is my hope that each carefully created decoration,  will bring comfort and joy to you.

*Please not the listing if for ornaments of a decorative nature. They are delicate and are not a toy. Hang out of reach of children*