Simple Stitches - Hand Embroidery Kit

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Simple, Stripped Back, Fresh and Fun... 

These cute mini kits are designed with ease in mind! Did you know that the top three statements I hear from apprehensive beginners of hand embroidery are; "I'm just not creative enough", "I cant even thread a needle" and "I could never make something like that!" Now, I have taught hand embroidery over the past five years I know that there is no-one that I have taught who couldn't hand embroider. Now that's a big statement but it's true!

And so I decided to create a kit that will remove any apprehension of picking up a kit. I want to knock down any stumbling blocks you fear you may trip over. This new line of products are aimed at complete beginners, those who are picking up a needle for the first time in a long time or those who want a quick project to enjoy!

Each kit will be Simple, Stripped Back, Fresh and Fun... and I will be in the kit box too! You see, sometimes when learning a new skill or refreshing an old one you need to SEE how to do it and so there will be No booklet and No fluff just exactly what you need to create and a link to VIDEO tutorials of me showing you step by step instructions... and how to thread a needle will be one of them!


Three kits to choose from! Wild and Free, Home and Calm!