Lavender Keyrings

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These beautiful cotton key rings are filled with wonderfully scented, homegrown and dried lavender. They can be used as a key ring and also look great as a bag charm.

Each key ring is finished with a Natalie Gaynor Designs label and a choice of charm. Simply make a note of your chosen charm in the notes section at checkout. 

Lavender smells amazing and is used a go to to help curb anxiety. Studies have shown that lavender helps to lower your heart rate which works to slow your breathing and gently interrupts the fight-or-flight response. There are days when we all need a little help keeping anxiety at bay and by simply pressing your lavender key ring, you will further release the calming fragrance. 

CHARMS: Thank you, Special Teacher, Heart with Rose, Bee ... any order sent without a specific charm noted will receive a heart with Rose 🌹 

Measures approximately 6"

Please note this is not a toy and due to small parts should be kept out of children's reach 😊 Keep dry.